UNESCO Prize 2000
Trapani, Italy

Giacometta Marrone has been awarded the UNESCO prize 2000 on March 10th in Trapani, Italy.  The prize was awarded for exceptional cultural and educational contributions.

Giacometta Marrone, originally from Trapani, is a concert pianist and pedagogue living in Germany. She is considered to be one of Sicily’s leading artists. While successfully taking her art abroad, she has continued to bless her native soil with her artistry and her cultural initiatives have served to broaden the appreciation of classical music in her home. We are proud to express our gratitude and admiration to her with this prize.

Italian Agriculture Minister Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio and Judge Alfonso Giordano, who presided over the anti-Mafia proceedings in Italy, also received prizes.

Igea Buccellato, President UNESCO,

Trapani, Italy

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