UNESCO Prize 2000
Trapani, Italy

James Creitz has been awarded the UNESCO prize 2000 on March 10th in Trapani, Italy.  The prize was awarded for exceptional cultural and educational contributions.

James Creitz, the American violist,  is an artist who has contributed in a singularly noble way to culture world-wide. His numerous performances in Italy have remained in the memories of audiences throughout our country.  His teaching has enriched the education of an entire generation of artists. Having lived in numerous countries and performed in well over 30 nations, he expresses our ideals of expanding the comprehension between the peoples of our earth.  This truly International artist has unselfishly served as an ambassador for culture on 5 continents.  In particular, we wish to reward his efforts in Germany.  As the initiator and guiding light of Open Chamber Music in Trossingen, Germany, he has served to unite the highest artistic standards with a global vision. Musicians of dozens of countries have come together under his direction to communicate with no common language other than music. The traditions of great chamber music have been passed on to young artists from around the world.  His unfaltering dedication to the highest artistic quality and to  international communication and comprehension have earned our highest esteem.

Italian Agriculture Minister Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio and Judge Alfonso Giordano, who presided over the anti-Mafia proceedings in Italy, also received prizes.

Igea Buccellato, President UNESCO,

Trapani, Italy

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